Fabian2 has been bullying me because he has been copying Anubis News and lying. He told Perry, Kim and Matt that I agreed to the newspaper when I didn't. That isn't acceptable. You can't just go lying to my friends whenever you feel like it. When I asked him why he lied and created his newspaper, his only answer was "I don't know" and "Perry forced me to". Perry didn't force you to do that and I know that for a fact. "I don't know" is an invalid reason. You must have a reason why you copied us and lied to us. I can't take one fight after another. It makes my head hurt and I hate to fight. While fighting, it changed my personality. I'm usually the one who likes to stay neutral but still help. I know your rolling your eyes, because over the past week, I've been acting what some people think unfair and bitchy. I hate to change my personality and this wikia has succeeded. I don't want to fight with Fabian2, but I still think that it is unfair that he copied us. We had a deal that if he copied me, I'll copy him. He's just lucky I'm not play fire with fire or fire with water. Most of you guys think that I'm acting like a drama queen and what not, but I already know that, Fabian2 told me that during chat today. Anyways, most of you might think I'm acting like a drama queen, but why can't I? I mean, I have feelings, you know. Even though I act "strong" and "like a leader", I still have a soft spot and hate it when people copy and lie. I don't care that you took away my adminship, because I wasn't talking to you, but that is a ridiculous reason.

I will still be on today as my last day. If you guys need me, I'll be on Anubis News saying my goodbyes and what not. I'll still be here for the awards and visit once awhile. I'll probably be on once every two months or more.

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