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  • KimberlyAmaya

    New Story♥

    March 22, 2012 by KimberlyAmaya

    Alright, so many of you have probably heard about the new story on this wikia. But, have you read it? It was written by our very own, Sibunasenkhara! Honestly, i think it is a wonderful story, and it is just so thrilling! It keeps you in suspense at the end of every chapter! So if you haven't read it, GET TO IT! Right here! Click this!


    P.s. Good job on the story, Matt, and keep up the good work!! :D

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  • KimberlyAmaya

    OMA, OhMyAnubis. Anyways, OMA, I love House of Anubis! I have never, in my life, been so in to a show before! At first, I thought it'd just be one of those typical shows, where everything falls in place in the end. But I was wrong! It's a completely different, and it has it's own unique storyline that no other show could ever compare to! I am so addicted, I could watch the episodes over and over again. I would never get tired of watching these teens solve the mysteries of Anubis House. Sibuna, FOREVER.♥


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