I know you guys think I am a jerk, BUT I have CHANGED a lot! I will take my rights seriously and ask the admins and users opinions! Here are some changes:

1. Z! and Perry16370 are now Chat Mods!

2. Rachelrabbit1999 is now an admin!

3. I will ask everyone's opinion!

4. I will take my rights seriously

I would like to say a few words to the users:

Sibunasenkhara- Thank you for all of your help you have been a great admin and Co-Founder!

KimberlyNF- Thank you for all of your help and time to this wikia you are the best!

Rachelrabbit1999- I am truely SORRY and hope we can be friends!

Z!- I am glad we can be friends and I can trust you enough to be a chat mod!

Perry16370- I hope you can take being a chat mod!

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