As you all now there has been a fight between Me, Rachel, Perry, and Z! I only made a newspaper because I thought it would be fun to be like the HOA gang and pose as them! I only lied because Perry was threatening me and telling me he would turn me in for something I didn't do! Rachel I am so sorry and hope you take my apoligy and we can be friends and you will stay and not leave! I really love my wikia and I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused! Can all of you forgive me and move on with our lives? Perry and Z! I don't now why you have been so agianist my wikia and against me? Perry I don't care if you hate my guts and think I am under aged because I now that I am 13! Z! I don't now what happened to flip your trigger but please forgive me and please move on with your life! Kim and Matt thank you for trying to help solve and stop all this fighting and i will always think of you guys as friend! You guys have been a real help to this wikia and promote you both to Co-Founder! Congrates!

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