Hello, most of you think I am a rotten jerk who only cares about himself. Matt this blog is for you! I am sorry for treating you like a servant all the time! I want you to be foundert with me because I have been think that you are ranked #1 on this wiki and you deserve better then admin/b-crat! So I want to premote you to founder with me! You will be wonderful. I will still be founder but Matt will be founder too! I really think you deserve it! You are the GLUE that HOLDS this wiki TOGETHER! And I want you to stay forever and ever because you are the most creative wonderful person! The things you come up with blow my mind! And some of my favorite things you do are Userboxes, MediaWiki, and of course you Sibuna Story! I really like you as a friend and know we have had our UPS and our DOWNS but I think we can over look that and move on with our lives! I really want you to forgive me for making you do everythin and me taking credit! I want you to name every thing you have done for this wiki in the comments and I will do something wth those and if you still want to leave I will miss you dearly but I want you to know that I will always regret being mean and making you do everything! Once again I am sorry and I hope you will stay! Matt, Remember to put all of the ideas you have done for this wikia in the comments so I can do something with them! I love the work you have done for this wiki! Thank You!

Not all witches are old and ugly 17:34, June 5, 2012 (UTC)FabianBryce!

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