I'm sure you all noticed that our Co-Founder, KimberlyNF, has been gone. She says, and I quote:

"Guys, I do not know if anyone will see this, but please if you do..inform everyone the reason of my absence.

Right now, i am using my cell phone and all i can do i comment so i have no chat or anything..I know I have not been on AT ALL recently..and i want to explain myself! My dad took away my computer so i have no way of getting on and editing anything i am TERRIBLY sorry, Rachel for my lack of contributions.

I know I will get my computer back my summer or even sooner..but at the latest I will be up and running by June.

You do not have to keep me as administrator, because i will be gone for awhile and you can replace me for the friendship advice, tuesday news, and whatever i may be in charge of.

If anyone sees this, please share this."

I think that Bat Forever would make a great admin while KimberlyNF is gone. If anyone thinks someone else would be, tell me in the comments. I'd have you vote on here, as a poll, but my computer doesn't like me going into source mode, so vote in the comments.

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