Hi. Yes, I did come back. But now I'm leaving again, and because of Fabian again. Ladygagalover2434 was extremely rude to me, and then lies about it. She said, "My brother said that, not me!" I don't believe it. When I block her, Fabian gives her beaucrat rights, and unblocks her. He says, "If you unblock her, I will block you and get Wikia to disable your account!" WHAT DID I DO? SHE BROKE THE RULES. She deserves to be blocked. If she is not blocked and demoted within 5 days, I will be leaving, and assume it was because Fabian hates me. So make a decision, Fabian. It's either lose me, or lose her. And you can all blame Fabian if I leave. Because I will leave within 5 days if she is not blocked. And don't tell me I'm overreacting, because she was very rude to me, and I have contacted Wikia staff about her. I did nothing. She broke the rules. Make your decision, Fabian.

ONLY FABIAN ANSWER THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who do you choose?

The poll was created at 01:20 on May 27, 2012, and so far 5 people voted.

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