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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Hi. I would like you all to know that I am leaving. I will demote myself, however I will not be getting rid of my beaucrat rights. Fabian treats me like a servant. He says, "Oh, yeah, you are the glue that holds the wiki together." Guess what? Those are words. Not actions. I will be on all other wikis. No way out of this. I will be leaving. You can tell me to stay all you want. I'm still leaving. I will also be unfollowing everything I am currently following, including my message wall.

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Hi. I came up with an idea for an event here. So....on the Anubis News wiki, we've been doing little Drawing Competitions. Maybe later I will post some pics of them here because my dad is making me get off idea is that we have a House of Anubis by Bryce Wiki Drawing Competition.

    1. You must create your own FlockDraw
    2. You can draw anywhere on it.
    3. You then go to the different competitor's FlockDraw and rate it.
    4. If you ruin their picture at all, you lose automaticlly.
    5. The rating scale is on a scale of 1 to 10.
    6. Be creative!
    7. Have fun!
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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna


    June 1, 2012 by BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Hi. I came up with an idea for a blog. Here's how you do it:

    1. You put a comment with a video.
    2. Other people say what they think about it.


    I love this song!!!! It is totally awesome!

    BatPeddieSeddieSibuna: ikr

    Note: Please, do not do a YouTube link, YouTube doesn't work for me;I used Vimeo, and I suggest you do, too.

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Fabian was extremely rude and mean to me. He said, "I have 600 and some edits, I work hard, Matt and Z, I hate your GUTS!" :( Fabian. We all agreed that you should be demoted. You never edit, and all you do is take credit for other people's work. I've had enough. Me and WCD are the one's who actually work around here, and Fabian takes the credit. He does nothing but boss us around, and I'm tired of it. And BTW, Fabian. I now have 901 edits. Which is 180 more than your edits. And I edit MediaWiki pages. You don't.

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Fabian. I work so hard on this wiki....and you chose Ladygagalover. I am extremely hurt right now. I am leaving, and undoing almost all of my edits if you don't want me here, Fabian.

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