While all users on House of Anubis By Bryce Wikia have the ability to edit, move and create most pages, some users have additional rights. These rights should only be used in the case of vandalism, preventing vandalism, or when applying decisions made by the entire community. To nominate a user for a user right, please see here.

Overview Edit


Grant user rights

All other rights

Delete and protect pages and files

Block users and edit user interface

Revert edits more easily using the rollback feature
Patrol ability and suppress redirects
Chat Moderators
Block and unblock users from Chat.

Chat Moderators Edit

Chat Moderators are able to kick/ban users from Special:Chat. Chat Moderator rights can be requested at User Rights Requests .

Rollbackers Edit

Rollback adds a link to histories and recent changes that allows you to revert multiple edits made by the same user in one click. It is a simple and not terribly special tool, but it makes reverting vandalism very fast. Rollbacking should only be used to revert bad-faith edits. Rollback rights can be requested at the Administrator's noticeboard.

Administrators Edit

Administrators are able to delete and protect pages, along with being able to block vandals/spammers and grant patroller rights along with ChatMod rights. Admins also have acces to the warning templates. More information on Administrator rights, and how to contact this Wikia's Administrators can be found here and here .

Bureaucrats Edit

On top of administrator abilities, bureaucrats are able to grant users any of these rights mentioned above. There are generally only a few active bureaucrats at a time, as their only added role in the community is determining consensus on adminship and bureaucratship requests, and granting the said rights. Also, the Founder of a Wikia is the same position as Bureucrats. |}

Bots Edit

Bots' edits do not appear in the recent changes by default, and are used to perform automated functions such as categorizing or fixing spelling. Bots can also suppress redirects when moving pages, and edit semi-protected pages.