I am just clearing some rumors up and I just have somting to say. I also was suspected for creating sockpuppets to spam up chat. I did not. That was not me. I will try to be a better B'crat .You are all great users. Fabian, you have been one of the nicest users on Wikia. Matt, You were very nice when I first came to this Wikia. Rachel, I have heard from some people rumors about me not liking you. That is NOT true, you are a very nice user and I do not dislike you, Oh and I will try to get that "Co-Founder" Button on when I get back. Houseofanubisfanforever55, you are a very polite in chat and I will miss you. Z, You were nice, until you suspected, and spread rumors about me. I did not create sockpuppets. But, I still beleive you are Kind. Blimey/ Loveisimportant, you were one of the first users I met on Wikia besides Brickapedia, and You are very nice. Perry....... I hope we can patch things up and no longer be enimies. Well, I hope to see you around.

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