1. Fabina will stay!

2. It is possible that Vera and Jasper will be in season 3.

3. It is possible that Victor will search for the Cup of Ankh.

4. It is possible that Mrs.Andrews will come back sence Vera left.

5. It is possible that the Secret Society will get back together.

6. It is possible that season 3 will be based on the Tears of Gold.

7. It is possible that Victor might try to find all the Elixiar recipie.

8. They might travel to Egypt.

9. Nathalia Ramos is not returning to the Season 3 because she would like to focus on school.

10. Rogar Barclay will not be in season 3.

11. The first episode will be called: House of Osirian.

12. Vera might be the new main antagonist.

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