Riddle 1Edit

To Avoid the pain of a blackbird's wrath a crystal Prism will illuminate the path use diligence to protect ancient goods beware golden hoods and spectre in the woods

Riddle 2Edit

Numbers of which there are many, a clue do you have any? Well should not fear for they are the dates of a year

Riddle 3Edit

The mystery remains still clasped and beleathered but shedding light on that matter. May leave you untethered of those you can't trust keep a watchful eye look for the Globe but you must remain sly.

Riddle 4Edit

'In a few weeks a clue will make sense, A SURPRISE KISS, To Add to suspense the squiggles in card need NO correction just give it some thought and maybe reflectio'n

Riddle 5Edit

Don't be fooled by a friendly face appearing on screens reassuring news is not what is seems significant figures will be your next clue but if the house comes to life, IT'S ALL DOWN TO YOU!

Riddle 6Edit

To move on with the quest, you must journey back as maybe one clue wasn't blank. It'll soon be much harder to tell the truth from a lie. As around the corner is a sudden GOODBYE!!!!!!

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