Peddie kiss

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Peddie is the romantic pairing of Patricia Williamson and Eddie Miller. Eddie and Patricia first meet when Patricia triped over Eddie's feet when he was napping. They trade insults and stereotypes to each other and they become nemesises. They trade insults regularly, until they kissed (see the picture) and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Later, when Piper Williamson arrives at Anubis House, Eddie kisses Piper thinking it's Patricia. Piper and Eddie both keep this secret from Patricia, until Eddie reveals it to Patricia thinking it's Piper. Patricia becomes enraged, but they stay a couple. Later, when Sibuna must pass the constillation task, Patricia uses Eddie to pass it, saying that she's taking him on a date. In the season 2 finale, we find out that Eddie is Nina's Osirion. This may break up Peddie! A known Peddie shipper is our very own admin, Sibunasenkhara!

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