Nathalia Ramos was born on July 3rd, 1992 (age19) in Madrid, Spain. She is known for her roles in Bratz and House of Anubis.Her father is a Spanish pop star, Ivan Ramos and an Australian mother. On House of Anubis she portrayed Nina Martin from season 1 to season 2, she left because of school related issues.

List of Film and Television roles
Year active Title Role Medium Notes 2005 'Arrested Development' Hope Loblaw TV series Guest appearance, 2 episodes
2007 'Bratz: The Movie' Yasmin Film Lead role
2008 'True Jackson, VP' Dakota North TV series Guest appearance, 1 episode
2009 '31 North 62 East' Rachel Film Supporting role
2011 'Family BrainSurge' Herself TV Gameshow Guest star; 1 episode; partners with Jade Ramsey
2011–2012 'House of Anubis' Nina Martin TV series Lead role

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