Mr. Eric Sweet- Paul Antony Barber

Mrs. Daphney Andrews- Julia Deakin

Mr. Jason Winkler- Jack Donnelly

Miss. Valentine- Sarah Paul

Mrs. Ethster Robinson- Catherine Baily

Vera Devenish- Poppy Miller

Poppy Clarke- Frances Encell

Senkhara- Sophiya Haque

Jasper Choudhury- Sartaj Garwel

Evelyn Martin (Gran)- Gwneth Powell

Fredrick Mercer- Micheal Lumsden

Sergeant Roebuck- Nicholas Bailey

Nurse Delia- Sheri-An Davis

John Clarke- Philip Wright

Ade Rutter- Simon Chandler

Robbie- James Gandhi

Piper Williamson- Nikita Ramsey

Young Sarah- Emilia Jones

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