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HOUSE OF ANUBIS BY BRYCE WIKIA! This wiki is a wiki based upon the show, House of Anubis. You may or may not have seen it before, but it is a really wonderful and dramatic show. I hope you watch and enjoy the show and this wikia!There are 195 pages on this wiki since February 26, 2012.

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Our featured character for May is Fabian Rutter! Congrats! 164px-ImagesCA67XFG9.jpg Fabian Rutter is a resident at the House of Anubis and he is Nina's best friend and wants to be more than friends while he serves as the secondary geek of the series. He sticks up for her and helps Nina find the clues and puzzle pieces of the cup of ankh. At the end of the finale he and Nina share their first kiss (starting a relationship between them) after they are announced prom king and queen by Amber. (read more...)

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Our featured season for the month of June is Season 2! Congrats! Anubis gang

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Our featured pairing for June is no surprise, it's Fabina ! Congrats!Asdhfdfkljshk.png"Fabina is the romantic pairing of Fabian Rutter and Nina Martin. When Nina first arrived at the Anubis House, it was said it was "Love at First Sight". They soon get closer while trying to solve the mystery and eventually kiss after prom. Fabian and Nina were always shy and always doubted their love for each other, but everyone else knew that Fabian liked Nina and vise-versa. During season two, they broke up because Nina was talking about how BF can only stand for one thing; boyfriend or bestfriend. Fabina was constantly having complications because of Joy's feelings for Fabian. read more....)

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"If Victor ruled the world, we would all be in bed by 10:00."- Alfie Lewis