• FabianBryce!


    June 5, 2012 by FabianBryce!

    Hello, most of you think I am a rotten jerk who only cares about himself. Matt this blog is for you! I am sorry for treating you like a servant all the time! I want you to be foundert with me because I have been think that you are ranked #1 on this wiki and you deserve better then admin/b-crat! So I want to premote you to founder with me! You will be wonderful. I will still be founder but Matt will be founder too! I really think you deserve it! You are the GLUE that HOLDS this wiki TOGETHER! And I want you to stay forever and ever because you are the most creative wonderful person! The things you come up with blow my mind! And some of my favorite things you do are Userboxes, MediaWiki, and of course you Sibuna Story! I really like you as a…

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Hi. I would like you all to know that I am leaving. I will demote myself, however I will not be getting rid of my beaucrat rights. Fabian treats me like a servant. He says, "Oh, yeah, you are the glue that holds the wiki together." Guess what? Those are words. Not actions. I will be on all other wikis. No way out of this. I will be leaving. You can tell me to stay all you want. I'm still leaving. I will also be unfollowing everything I am currently following, including my message wall.

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  • FabianBryce!


    June 5, 2012 by FabianBryce!

    As we all know that WCD has disabled his accout and has left wiki forever. But we have proof that WCD was a troll named Nick Foley! Bat Forever and BatPeddieSeddieSibuna have a screenie that he admitted it. I trusted him mand I will still miss him but if he EVER comes back he will never be my Friend again! WCD or Nick if you are out there reading this I hope you are happy with yourself! You were my friend and you just spat on it;( Thank You Very Much! ;( You were the only person who was really really really NICE to ME! Thank You!

    Not all witches are old and ugly 15:48, June 5, 2012 (UTC)FabianBryce!

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  • FabianBryce!
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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Hi. I came up with an idea for an event here. So....on the Anubis News wiki, we've been doing little Drawing Competitions. Maybe later I will post some pics of them here because my dad is making me get off idea is that we have a House of Anubis by Bryce Wiki Drawing Competition.

    1. You must create your own FlockDraw
    2. You can draw anywhere on it.
    3. You then go to the different competitor's FlockDraw and rate it.
    4. If you ruin their picture at all, you lose automaticlly.
    5. The rating scale is on a scale of 1 to 10.
    6. Be creative!
    7. Have fun!
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  • FabianBryce!

    Web Colors

    June 2, 2012 by FabianBryce!

    As some of you can see that the admins have color background in their comments. So I am gonna give you colors and their codes so that admins can do it thenselves if the want to change it!

    Blue- #00F

    Red- #F00

    Green- #0F0

    Yellow- #FF0

    Cyan- #0FF
    Magenta- #F0F
    Pink- #F88
    Brown- #830
    Black- #000
    White- #FFF
    Gray- #888
    Purple- #80F
    Silver- #C0C
    Maroon- #800
    Olive- #808
    Lime- #00FF00
    Aqua- #00FFFF
    Teal- #008080
    Navy- #000080
    Fuchsia- #FF00FF

    Here are some related sites to this subject:,, and

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna


    June 1, 2012 by BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Hi. I came up with an idea for a blog. Here's how you do it:

    1. You put a comment with a video.
    2. Other people say what they think about it.


    I love this song!!!! It is totally awesome!

    BatPeddieSeddieSibuna: ikr

    Note: Please, do not do a YouTube link, YouTube doesn't work for me;I used Vimeo, and I suggest you do, too.

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Fabian was extremely rude and mean to me. He said, "I have 600 and some edits, I work hard, Matt and Z, I hate your GUTS!" :( Fabian. We all agreed that you should be demoted. You never edit, and all you do is take credit for other people's work. I've had enough. Me and WCD are the one's who actually work around here, and Fabian takes the credit. He does nothing but boss us around, and I'm tired of it. And BTW, Fabian. I now have 901 edits. Which is 180 more than your edits. And I edit MediaWiki pages. You don't.

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Fabian. I work so hard on this wiki....and you chose Ladygagalover. I am extremely hurt right now. I am leaving, and undoing almost all of my edits if you don't want me here, Fabian.

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  • Z!


    May 27, 2012 by Z!

    Fabian2 has threatened to block and demote Matt if he blocks another user...THIS SETS ME OFF...FABIAN LOOK...MATT DOES SO MUCH FOR YOU AND FOR YOU TO JUST SPIT ON ALL THE WORK HE DOES FOR YOU IS SICK JUST SICK...

    I want him GONE. He does ZERO for the Wiki....and takes credit for the work that Will and Matt work their off for.

    I'm reporting him. He's underaged and mean.

    So take this poll and we'll see FABIAN who is fit for founder

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Hi. Yes, I did come back. But now I'm leaving again, and because of Fabian again. Ladygagalover2434 was extremely rude to me, and then lies about it. She said, "My brother said that, not me!" I don't believe it. When I block her, Fabian gives her beaucrat rights, and unblocks her. He says, "If you unblock her, I will block you and get Wikia to disable your account!" WHAT DID I DO? SHE BROKE THE RULES. She deserves to be blocked. If she is not blocked and demoted within 5 days, I will be leaving, and assume it was because Fabian hates me. So make a decision, Fabian. It's either lose me, or lose her. And you can all blame Fabian if I leave. Because I will leave within 5 days if she is not blocked. And don't tell me I'm overreacting, because …

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  • FabianBryce!

    My Cousin!

    May 25, 2012 by FabianBryce!

    I am so sorry for the trouble my cousin Addison caused it was such a mistake for letting her use my account so I made her, her own account. So I apoligize for everything she caused! If you wouldn't mind letting me see what she said in chat and in messeges. please put what she said in comments. Thank you all for your understandings!!!!

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  • FabianBryce!

    My New Username

    May 22, 2012 by FabianBryce!

    Hi this is Fabian2 I have changed my username to FabianBryce! so thats all i just wanted to make it obvies and clear!

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  • Dynasty101Warriors

    Hi there!I'm Dynasty101Warriors, if you want to ask quetions about me you don't need to hesitate to ask me in my talk page, kay?

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  • WCDDoherty

    Wikia Merge

    May 10, 2012 by WCDDoherty

    Hello! Its me WCDDoherty! RachelRabbit1999 and me were talking and we had an idea to "merge" Wikias, It is just an idea, I wanted to check in with the admins here. So, we could combine the wikias. This is just an idea. Let me know what you think. WCDDoherty 19:32, May 10, 2012 (UTC)

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    As much as I hate to say it, I'm leaving the wiki. Fabian was a jerk to me for blocking him. I asked him to stop. He kept going. I put all I had into this wiki. And Fabian kept going. I told him why I blocked him. I aplogized. But he kept going. So if you wanna know why I left, blame Fabian. I will be appearing once every month, same with the Anubis News wiki. I will be on the following wikis:

    • Big Time Rush Wiki
    • VicTORIous Wiki
    • House of Anubis Wiki
    • iCarly Wiki
    • The Hunger Games Wiki
    • Possibly, the Music by Bryce WIki

    If Fabian keeps going, I will get rid of all edit I made, including the MediaWiki pages.

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  • FabianBryce!

    There has been a tornado spotted east of where I live:( If I am not on for a week or month the tornado has hit my house:( The wikia will be ran by the admins! I hope to see you again! Good Bye for now:(

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  • WCDDoherty

    Please take our official wiki survey here: or scan it here

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  • WCDDoherty


    April 30, 2012 by WCDDoherty

    Ok so i did some tech work and make Matt, me and Kimberlynf have Beuracrat on our profiles, Ur welcome!!!

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  • TheLittleRabbit

    Please Read! :D

    April 29, 2012 by TheLittleRabbit

    Hello to all new members! I"m Rachelrabbit1999, an admin and co-founder. I hope all of you will enjoy contributing to this wonderful wikia. If you haven't heard, I'm the founder of Anubis News and House of Anubis Roleplay. Those wikias are our sister wikias, so I hope you can join them! Here are the links. - Anubis News - House of Anubis Roleplay

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Hi! I just want to let you know that this is Sibunasenkhara, I got my account re-named.

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  • WCDDoherty

    Hey everyone! It's me WCDDoherty, I am an B'crat here. I am making helpful posts. my goal is to give out well written, informative, and thoughtful advice posts.

    In this weeks's post, we're highlighting RRabbit42's help page Dealing with Vandalism and Spam. It was written on the Phineas and Ferb Wiki, but has a boatload of helpful and valuable tips for dealing with trolls or vandals. I am aware we have a few vandals on this Wikia, I'm not going to point anybody out, but they know who they are.

    At one point or another in our Internet lives, we all come into contact with a troll or a vandal. RRabbit42 offers calm and helpful advice. The post gives a few definitions, explains why people troll and vandalize, and then details how to handle yoursel…

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  • FabianBryce!


    April 27, 2012 by FabianBryce!

    Nick Folley has been hacking other accounts! Do not worry just change your password and if Nick does this dont worry I have turned him in and hope Wikia Staff can do something about this! So please just change your password as soon as you read this! Nick watch out because your hacking days will come to an end! Z! has been getting hacked quite a bit and I have proof that he is! Just go to photos and look at Nickproof and Nickproof2! Good Luck Everyone! ~Fabian2

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  • FabianBryce!

    I Have Changed!

    April 26, 2012 by FabianBryce!

    I know you guys think I am a jerk, BUT I have CHANGED a lot! I will take my rights seriously and ask the admins and users opinions! Here are some changes:

    1. Z! and Perry16370 are now Chat Mods!

    2. Rachelrabbit1999 is now an admin!

    3. I will ask everyone's opinion!

    4. I will take my rights seriously

    I would like to say a few words to the users:

    Sibunasenkhara- Thank you for all of your help you have been a great admin and Co-Founder!

    KimberlyNF- Thank you for all of your help and time to this wikia you are the best!

    Rachelrabbit1999- I am truely SORRY and hope we can be friends!

    Z!- I am glad we can be friends and I can trust you enough to be a chat mod!

    Perry16370- I hope you can take being a chat mod!

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    I'm sure you all noticed that our Co-Founder, KimberlyNF, has been gone. She says, and I quote:

    "Guys, I do not know if anyone will see this, but please if you do..inform everyone the reason of my absence.

    Right now, i am using my cell phone and all i can do i comment so i have no chat or anything..I know I have not been on AT ALL recently..and i want to explain myself! My dad took away my computer so i have no way of getting on and editing anything i am TERRIBLY sorry, Rachel for my lack of contributions.

    I know I will get my computer back my summer or even sooner..but at the latest I will be up and running by June.

    You do not have to keep me as administrator, because i will be gone for awhile and you can replace me for the friendship ad…

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  • FabianBryce!

    My Blocking!

    April 25, 2012 by FabianBryce!

    Sibunasenkhara, Z!, Perry16370, and Rachelrabbit1999 planned to block me from my own wikia but they didnt understand that the founder will always have rights and that he/she can unblock themselves! I would like to make a few statements: I am 13, and I am very SORRY for everything I have done to Rachel, Z!, and Perry! And i have made some changes to the wikia:

    1. The wikia will be called House of Anubis by Everyone!

    2. Z! and Perry will be Chat Mods NOT admins!

    3. Rachelrabbit1999 will be admin because of all the work she does for this wikia!

    4. I will be asking permission to give blocks, KB, Ban, and even Warnings!

    5. I will be asking everyone for their opinion!

    Happy Editing!

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    As much as I hate to say this, we have blocked Fabian2. The reasons were:

    • Being mean to users, such as Rachel, Perry, and Z.
    • Not editing as much
    • Misusing his power

    We have demoted him. We have also made some changes to the House of Anubis by Bryce Wiki Staff. They are as follows:

    • Rachelrabbbit1999-Co Founder, along with myself, and KimberlyNF
    • Z!-Admin
    • Houseofanubisfanforever55-Admin
    • WCDDoherty-Beaucrat, used for tech purposes, but can ban and promote people as long as he checks with a co-founder
    • Perry16370-Moderator-We'll see how he does, and go from there.

    Thank you for reading this blog and tell us any changes you think we should make to this wiki. I hope you enjoy this wiki!

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  • TheLittleRabbit

    Removing Fabian2

    April 22, 2012 by TheLittleRabbit

    All of the admins finally came to a consensus and demoted Fabian2 for misusing his power. We will miss Fabian2, but we hope to continue as if he was still here.

    Thank you,

    The Admins

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  • FabianBryce!

    My Biography

    April 15, 2012 by FabianBryce!

    Hi my name is Bryce! I was born January 8 1999! I live on a farm with a cat named Pudder Tat and a dog named Maggy! Last summer I played baseball! Every year I play MYFL Football! I have shown 2 bucket calves named Lucy and Ultimate! Last summer I showed a big steer named Rusty! I have a younger Brother and a younger sister:) I love my family all 5! I spend time with my cousins a lot! I love to write, read, watch HOA, and learn about Egypt! Maggy is a St. Bernard puppy (big) Pudder tat is an orange cat that is pregnate!I hope you learned a lot about me!

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  • FabianBryce!


    April 11, 2012 by FabianBryce!

    As you all now there has been a fight between Me, Rachel, Perry, and Z! I only made a newspaper because I thought it would be fun to be like the HOA gang and pose as them! I only lied because Perry was threatening me and telling me he would turn me in for something I didn't do! Rachel I am so sorry and hope you take my apoligy and we can be friends and you will stay and not leave! I really love my wikia and I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused! Can all of you forgive me and move on with our lives? Perry and Z! I don't now why you have been so agianist my wikia and against me? Perry I don't care if you hate my guts and think I am under aged because I now that I am 13! Z! I don't now what happened to flip your trigger but please forg…

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  • TheLittleRabbit

    I'm Leaving

    April 10, 2012 by TheLittleRabbit

    Fabian2 has been bullying me because he has been copying Anubis News and lying. He told Perry, Kim and Matt that I agreed to the newspaper when I didn't. That isn't acceptable. You can't just go lying to my friends whenever you feel like it. When I asked him why he lied and created his newspaper, his only answer was "I don't know" and "Perry forced me to". Perry didn't force you to do that and I know that for a fact. "I don't know" is an invalid reason. You must have a reason why you copied us and lied to us. I can't take one fight after another. It makes my head hurt and I hate to fight. While fighting, it changed my personality. I'm usually the one who likes to stay neutral but still help. I know your rolling your eyes, because over the …

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Ok, so I looked up HOA Actors and found this article:

    He's talking about HOA!!!!!!! Read it and tell me wht u think.

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Lorem! I came up with an idea that will help this wiki. My idea is that every week, I'm thinking Saturday and Sunday, everybody edits pages and that. Everyone must help edit. This will benifit the wiki, and yourself! It'll benifit yourself cuz then u get closer to earning a badge!

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  • TheLittleRabbit


    April 3, 2012 by TheLittleRabbit

    Hey, during the next few weeks, I will not be on as often as I would like because I'm coping with a death in my family. I hope you all understand that I have my reasons for my absences and I'm not just ditching you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this wikia as much as I do! Also, come nominate for the KCA on the House of Anubis by Bryce wikia!

    Your friend,


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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Currently, houseofanubisfanforever55 is an admin. I don't know how. My question is: Should she stay an admin?

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Wiki KCAs

    April 2, 2012 by BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Lorem! I bet many of you watched the KCAs, but we are gonna have them here! Admins choose the nominations and anyone can vote. The nominees are listed below. Here are the topics:

    • Jerome Clarke- Nominated by KimberlyNF
    • Amber Millington- Nominated by Sibunasenkhara
    • Fabian Rutter- Nominated by Fabian2
    • Nina Martin- Nominated by Houseofanubisfanforever55

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna


    March 31, 2012 by BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    We now have new rules for Admins and Mods.

    1. Do not ban someone without asking a beaucrat first
    1. Do not promote someone without asking a beaucrat first.
    2. Do not delete a page with out asking Fabian2!
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  • FabianBryce!


    March 28, 2012 by FabianBryce!

    Nina Martin-Nathalia Ramos

    Fabian Rutter-Brad Kavanagh

    Patricia Williamson-Jade Ramsey

    Amber Millington-Anna Mulvroy Ten

    Alfie Lewis-Alex Sawyer

    Eddie Miller/Sweet-Burkley Duffield

    Jerome Clarke-Eugene Simon

    Mick Campbell-Bobby Lockwood

    Joy Mercer-Klariza Clayton

    Mara Jaffery-Tasie Dhanraj

    Victor Rodanmaar Jr.-Francis Magee

    Vera Devenish-Poppy Miller

    Trudy Rhaman-Mina Anwar

    Jasper Chodhury-Sartaj Garwal

    Poppy Clarke-Frances Encell

    Piper Williamson-Nikita Ramsey

    John Clarke-Philip Wright

    Nurse Delia-Sheri-An Davis

    Robbie-James Gandhi

    Sergeant Roebuck-Nicholas Bailey

    Fredrick Mercer-Micheal Lumsden

    Sarah Frobisher-Smythes-Rita Daves

    Rufus Zeno-Rogar Barclay

    The Collector-Rogar Barclay

    Mrs.Daphney Andrews-Julia Deakin

    Mr.Eric Sweet-Paul Antony Barber

    Mr.Jason Winkler-…

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    hi! If anyone of you is gonna see the hunger games movie, when you get back, tell me everything. I really wanna see it but my parents won't let me. TELL ME EVERYTHING! how did Rue die? were there muttations? DID KATNISS EAT THE BERRIES?

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  • KimberlyAmaya

    New Story♥

    March 22, 2012 by KimberlyAmaya

    Alright, so many of you have probably heard about the new story on this wikia. But, have you read it? It was written by our very own, Sibunasenkhara! Honestly, i think it is a wonderful story, and it is just so thrilling! It keeps you in suspense at the end of every chapter! So if you haven't read it, GET TO IT! Right here! Click this!


    P.s. Good job on the story, Matt, and keep up the good work!! :D

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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    Hello! You may have found out about the new format for Comments and Message Wall. However, we do have rules that apply and will eventually go on the Rules page when we (being the admins of House of Anubis by Bryce Wiki) get around to it.

    1. Do not put inapproprite pictures or text on your comments or Message.
    1. Be nice about it!
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  • FabianBryce!

    So my name is Fabian2 I love House of Anubis so much! I am going to tell u everything there is to know about House of Anubis! I hope u love my BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • KimberlyAmaya

    OMA, OhMyAnubis. Anyways, OMA, I love House of Anubis! I have never, in my life, been so in to a show before! At first, I thought it'd just be one of those typical shows, where everything falls in place in the end. But I was wrong! It's a completely different, and it has it's own unique storyline that no other show could ever compare to! I am so addicted, I could watch the episodes over and over again. I would never get tired of watching these teens solve the mysteries of Anubis House. Sibuna, FOREVER.♥


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  • BatPeddieSeddieSibuna


    March 20, 2012 by BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

    hi=lorem in latin

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  • Madrigalmagic


    March 20, 2012 by Madrigalmagic

    im just testing this blog out... sry

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