Amber Millington
Amber Millington2






Mick Campbell(Ex-boyfriend)
Alfie Lewis(Boyfriend)

Portrayed by:

Ana Mulvoy-Ten


May 8,1992

Birth Name:

Ana Maria Mulvroy Ten

Born In:

London England UK


Los Angeles, California


Actress and SIBUNA!

Years Active:



Amber Millington is a resident of the House of Anubis and one of Nina's best friends. She is very girly, fashionable and a bit air-headed, although she is much smarter than she seems. At the beginning of the series she shared a room with Mara until the love triangle between them and Mick forces her to room with Nina, becoming fast friends with her. Amber would ultimately play a role as not only one of three founding members of the Sibuna Club, but also giving their group its name and membership gesture. Eventually, after making her peace with Mara and letting Mick go, Amber is taken by Alfie to the prom dance.

In Season 2, she searches for the Mask of Anubis with Nina and Fabian while dealing with Alfie as her boyfriend, Patricia joins the gang as well. Eventually, Amber too is branded with the Mark of Anubis before being hexed by Senkara to grow old at an alarming rate. In the beginning of Season 2, Amber doesn't really like Alfie. In the finale, Amber asks Alfie if they should try "Amfie" or "Alber" again and they do.

Amber is portrayed by Ana Mulvoy-Ten.


Nina Martin: They became roommates when Amber got mad at Mara because of her relationship with Mick. They are both members of Sibuna and best friends. Amber has known Patricia and Joy longer than Nina, but Amber still sides with Nina whenever there is a conflict. Amber is always willing to help out Nina, no matter what happens. She is also there for Nina, even if it means putting her own life at risk. Amber is known to be a huge Fabina shipper and is Nina's dating guru.

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