About Alfie Lewis

My Family

My sweet Mum and Dad

My Relationships

Amber Millington

My Hobbies

The Art of Pranking and Joking

My Helpful Ways to Help Sibuna

Uhm, Um, Doing Magic Acts!


February 13, 1993

Born in:

Kent, England, UK


Actor and Jokester

Years Active:



Alfie Lewis is one of the top prankers at Anubis House. His best friend is Jerome Clarke. He has an on-again, off-again relationship with Amber Millington, he "broke up" with her to which Amber declined.


He is a member of Sibuna, but not one of the originals. Alfie is played by Alex Sawyer. He is a main character. He is a Sibuna member, but not usually helpful. Alfie and Amber reconcile in the Season 2 Finale and become Amfie once more.

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